Mobile worker, fleet and equipment operations are generating increasing amounts of data to be analyzed.  For example GPS enabled fleets and workers equipped with Smart Phones can output significant amounts of data.   The problem is:

  • Supervisors don’t have enough resources to analyze the data

  • It is difficult to determine what data is important

  • Too much data and not enough information

The answer is focus on higher order events that can be detected in these large data streams.  CertusView’s mobile Complex Event Processing (CEP) application can be deployed at a mobile level to detect events as they occur in the field.  For example if:

  1. the worker’s smart phone ticket management application reported an open work order
  2. the vehicle reported the worker was moving away from the location
  3. the time of the event was 5pm
  4. and the ticket was marked as high priority.  

You may be able to correlate the fact that the job may not be completed today and customer needs to be notified or a work crew redirected.  In either case the CEP application provided the manager with a decision that would not have been visible and an opportunity to take corrective action.


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