industries-pageUnderground facility owners, utility locators, engineering firms, excavators and regulators – concerned about utility damage prevention and facility plant management.  Products such as, our digital sketching application, electronic marking wand, field auditing software and facility map viewer allow our users to deliver high quality value added services to their utility customers.  CertusView tools increase the efficiency and work quality of our customers by allowing them to visually document field operations, virtually review and communicate results and electronically verify the quality of the work product.


Cable system operators – who are seeking to improve customer satisfaction, reduce plant management costs and increase data bandwidth in existing plants.  Our tools automate many of the paper based processes by allowing field crews to visually understand and communicate the work to be performed and digitally verify the work was completed.  Our applications also enable service crews to quickly identify the location and extent of plant faults, strengthening the plant infrastructure and increasing upstream data capacity.


Companies with large distributed workforces, fleets and equipment – that need to make faster more responsive decisions about their mobile workforce.   Our applications allow customers to monitor and analyze real-time data across multiple field operations as well as view results at an individual or single piece of equipment level.    Our tools deliver the data analysis capability of an enterprise wide business intelligence tool, but at a local and mobile level so job managers can make faster and better decisions about their field operations.

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