Microtrenching is a minimally invasive technology which enhances the ability to place fiber optic cable quickly and cost effectively in challenging construction environments including existing roadway beds and dense urban areas. CertusView’s Microtrenching process includes:

  • Cutting a narrow trench in the existing surface to create a void;
  • Evacuating debris;
  • Laying cable;
  • Flowing a non-shrinking composition into the void; and
  • Applying a topping material.

The patented process involves making a narrow cut in the existing surface and then removing the debris from the trench at the same time using a specially designed vacuum system. Fiber conduit is then placed in the trench with a backfill of custom flowable material.

This new method:

  • Limits damage to existing facilities by using a narrow shallow trench;
  • Minimizes disruption of existing traffic patterns, as vehicles can traverse the trench; and
  • Permits thousands of feet of cable to be placed in one day by using a tractor with a saw and a vacuum truck.
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