The CertusView e-Sketch system is a new way to think about field-based work documentation. Entirely electronic and completely location aware, the e-Sketch application provides your field-based worker with a high-resolution aerial photograph of the job site and allows the operator to create a record of the finished work product while still on the jobsite.


Using our system a locate technician:

  • Receives a high-resolution aerial image of the current location
  • Uses a stylus to sketch on the image where underground facilities are located
  • Places symbols on the image where common features appear, such as manholes and light poles
  • Saves the layered image as a record of locating activity
  • Electronically signs on the job to certify the work performed


This process saves time and improves accuracy by replacing ambiguous textual descriptions of the work performed with pictures and sketches that completely describe the work product in an easily understood format.

Following sign-off, the e-Sketch record is attached to a work ticket to enable reporting back to the facility owner and excavator. The digital record can then be utilized as input to quality assessment applications such as our FieldCheck tool.

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