Damage prevention for underground utilities


Utility damages can be prevented

CertusView products improve our customer’s efficiency and work quality by allowing them to visually document their operations, virtually review and communicate the results and electronically verify the quality of the work product.   Our products:

  • Drive workflow, allowing field teams to be more productive

  • Automate the process of creating documentation, eliminating hand-drawn sketches and notes

  • Create a digital record of work performed to improve communication among industry stakeholders

  • Allow for immediate auditing of field operations to assure quality and accountability in the process


Cable system installation, management and operations

Our cable system technologies allow cable operators to reduce installation time, better track and manage assets and increase the data bandwidth of the existing cable plant.  Our technology:

  • Automates the installation process improving customer satisfaction and on-time job completions

  • Electronically documents as-builts and repairs, reducing plant management costs

  • Efficiently finds cable faults in the plant system, reducing maintenance costs

  • Reduces signal interference in the upstream bandwidth, improving return path capacity


Mobile workforce and fleet/equipment management


Our mobile event processing solution allows customers to monitor and react to system and sensor data generated by mobile workforces and equipment.  Customers can define events that reduce efficiency or increase costs and be alerted when operations are producing undesired outcomes.  Our solution can monitor event across entire operation and create a hierarchy of event conditions to discover when a combination of negative events is occurring.  Events can be monitored locally on board the equipment and/or in a cloud based solution.

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